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Our services (behavioural problems)

Obviously our services are tailored to each individual clients requirements. You tell us your problems, and we will put a plan together. Most cases are straightforward, and a single consultation will be enough to give you a specific plan of action.

Social skills

Most people just want to see their dogs having fun and being a dog! Unfortunately most dogs have no social skills at all...because they were removed from their pack very early, and most owners have little knowledge of how to fix this. 

Once you have mastered the simple technique of introducing your dog to other dogs, you'll find that your dog has a lot more friends!

Human education

It's not the's you!

The most  important factor in dog psychology, is to teach owners how to understand a dogs behaviour and language.

Once you understand what triggers unwanted behaviour, and how to correct'll find your dog sees you in a very different way...and listens a whole lot more!

Dog rehabilitation

Each dog needs to be taught that certain behaviour is not acceptable, and they should choose a better way!

This must be done in a specific way, that is humane, effective, and done in the same way that dogs teach and discipline each other in nature.

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