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I love aggressive dogs. I know it's a strange statement, but I really do. So many people give up on these guys, but I know the truth.

Aggression is simply the response to a trigger...there really are no aggressive dogs...just dogs who use aggression to remove a problem.

Here's a common example.

'My dog lunges and snarls at dogs that pass us by'.

Here's why.

You are nervous, anxious, embarrassed or worried your dog is about to lunge at a dog coming towards you. Your dog is also in front of you on a tight lead.

Here's that in an equation.

Dog in front...equals alpha position...or personal bodyguard

Tight lead = be tense, something is wrong or there's danger

Nervous human energy tells your dog...protect me


Learn to calm down

Learn to give your dog a correction

Never let your dog walk on a tight leash or in the alpha position.

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