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The dog is the teacher.

I've met lots of dog experts...trainers, behaviourists, and the many names and titles they give themselves!

Some of these people were truly talented, obsessed with the welfare of dogs, and more importantly...always willing to keep learning.

Then there are the dogmatists.

If you don't know what dogmatic simply means a person or group that believe that their way, or belief, is the only way!

They won't entertain another view or method...and are generally very angry and vitriolic when anyone questions their 'way'.  Ironically they can never provide you with any evidence to back-up their claims...just a lot of hostility!

I meet lots of these people and groups...and I usually end up picking up the pieces of their failed work! Many of my clients have been to 4 or 5 dog trainers before they came to me...many of these 'experts' had given up on the dog...this is dogmatic.

In reality, many of the worlds most recognised 'dog experts' are actually limited to only dealing with the easy cases. If you don't believe a Google search, make a list of these people...and then see how many of them won't take on aggressive cases! If you won't help aggressive have no business calling yourself an 'expert'. 

The dogs hold the key.

Many dog experts have lots of certificates, are members of important sounding organisations, and write books about human conditioning and so called scientific 'proof' of their methods. So why do they fail so often?

The simple can't learn about dogs from a book or seminar.

Now don't get me wrong...learning some basics is great...but if you want to really need to spend a lot of time with your subject.

I've learnt more from a dog in a day...then any expert, book or seminar has ever taught me...and I go out of my way to help the 'aggressive' cases. I know farmers that are better with dogs, than half the trainers I've met!


A good trainer, behaviourist or dog psychologist, uses lots of different methods and techniques, and does not believe that there is only 'one way' to help a dog...or that they know everything!

If you truly want to the dogs, watch the true experts, and put the work in. 

Passing an online examination, or reading a book, does not make you an expert. You will always have more to lose the dogmatism...and open up your mind.

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