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Humans tell a story...dogs tell the truth

Humans always have a thought in their heads. Here comes a Rottweiler...'My dog was attacked by a rottweiler...they're aggressive dogs'

This is how you dog feels when you think that thought. 'My owner is nervous...something is wrong'

Now, let's break that down a little further. 

You are walking with your see a dog that makes you nervous...your dog then becomes tense as well...and the dog you are nervous about, has now picked up on that energy too.

So the 'story in your head' just made 2 predators very nervous...and this is what causes dogs to attack each other. Your nervous energy will cause your dog to become a nervous dog...or over-protective basically your dog becomes a target for attacks...or attacks other dogs! This was all caused by you predicting the future...which by the can't do.

Think about this next time another dog makes you nervous...and simply relax and walk straight by.

Here's a little equation

Nervous human=nervous/over-protective dog.

Nervous dogs are not welcome in another dogs space.

Nervous dogs get warned and asked to leave by other dogs.

Nervous dogs often become aggressive to protect themselves.

Nervous dogs have a poor social life.


Remove the source of the problem...the story in your head!

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