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What our clients say.

Dear Gabriel

I just wanted say a huge thank you, for all your help and advice. 

When we started to walk with you, Diesel had some aggression issues. You very quickly taught me that Diesel did not have issues with other dogs at all. 

It was myself who became nervous in case he was to harm another dog, and he was just trying to protect me.  We used to avoid a lot of dogs, but now we pass every dog happily. You helped diesel and I to grow in confidence, and I cant thank you enough.  If only every dog and owner had the chance to walk with you.

In other aspects of life, your advice has helped us to live in the moment. We look forward to walking with you again.

Rabina and Diesel.

Hi Gabriel and Echo,
I felt compelled to E-mail you following your consultation with us.
As you pointed out with great comic effect, I was a little sceptical about ‘dog psychology’ before we met. Now however, having seen first-hand the immediate positive and calming effect you had on Brie (our dog aggressive Springer Collie cross) I am converted!

The way you explained how Brie sees the world and interprets our behaviour was fascinating, and in fact I have been compelled to buy one of the Cesar Millan’s books to learn a little more, and as you
suggested ‘this is a guy who really understands dogs’… just like you!

We have been following your advice to the letter, and I have to say that Brie has turned into a little you said she would! She has made a few mistakes since your visit, but we now see them as an opportunity to correct her rather than another traumatic event.

We have now stopped avoiding other dogs, in fact when Brie is really in the groove we actively seek them out, we now walk at normal times of day, and are now enjoying being out and about with our well behaved pooch.

Having sought the advice of two ‘dog trainers’ before thankfully being put in touch with you by a friend of a friend, I can honestly say that using your ‘dog psychology’ techniques is the kindest, gentlest and
most logical way to rehabilitate an unbalanced dog like ours.

The thing that has stayed with us most from your visit was the lack of noise, and the calm and relaxed atmosphere you created in our home…even when you brought your dog Echo into our living room, you managed to make Brie relax completely.

This is poles apart from the 'dog trainers' we have tried in the past, who only seem interested in shouting ‘NO!’ a lot and dragging Brie around, whilst making us feel like bad people for not being able to control our dog.

Thank you so much for the time and patience you showed us during our consultation, the follow up phone calls, E-mails, and the walks around the park were also really helpful.

You offer a fantastic service and we have already recommended you to one of our friends.

Best regards,

Paul, Tracy, Grace and Brie.

Dear Gabriel

Nick and I are so happy we called you earlier this year. You will probably remember well our rather large 3 year old Westie Chalkie, he'd taken a fixation to our newborn son's toys........he'd only need to hear a jangle of a rattle and he'd bolt in from the garden to seek it out! 

Until your visit we hadn't introduced Toby to Chalkie and we were worried how best to do this. Another growing problem was Chalkie had ideas he was pack leader so getting him to listen or be corrected was becoming frustratingly difficult. 

However, after your visit you taught us the methods of leadership and correction, and Chalkie is doing really well and he's great around Toby and his toys... its amazing!! Finally he listens to us, it's an on going learning process, but thanks to you we have the confidence and understanding to now communicate with Chalkie in a language he understands.

We're pleased to say we are a real happy little family - thank you to you and Echo for all your help and ongoing support.  Every town should have a Gabriel ........a dog's best friend.

Kind Regards
Nick, Helen, Toby and Chalkie

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