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Introducing dogs...your 3 step plan!


Most people have no clue how to introduce their dog to a new dog. They let their dog pull them towards the new dog (who is usually doing the same thing) and immediately let them go face to need to stop doing this...forever!

To successfully introduce your dog safely to a new dog...follow this 3 step plan.
Step One.
Shorten your dogs lead so that your dog is at your side, and can't get any further forward...and get the other owner to do the same. Let the dogs look at each other from about 6 to 10 feet away. DO NOT let them walk forward.
Step two.
When the dogs have looked at each other and sniffed the air a little. Walk them towards each other but not head on...put a couple of feet between them.
Step three.
Let the calmest dog sniff the butt of the other dog...always go to the rear first. This is a handshake in their world. Once they have sniffed each other, go for a lead walk together to bond them as a pack.

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