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The power of a calm mind.

Of course if you know've already seen this in action. For those of you who haven't seen how much power being calm is...let me put it into a simple formula.

Calm owner = calm dog...Calm dog = safe

Nervous owner = nervous dog...nervous dog = target for other dogs

Aggressive owner = nervous/aggressive can work out the rest!

Now, a lot of people at this point would say 'but what about the other dogs when we're out walking'. Well, it's the same principle...stay quiet, calm, and don't think the worst.

Don't have stories in your head...and stop trying to predict the future.

Humans live in the past...what I mean by this, is that I've actually met owners (every week) who have walked their dogs everyday for 3 years (over 1000 walks) and because their dog got into a couple of scuffles, or got bitten once...they are now scared every time they go out.

The dog doesn't care.

Your dog can't even remember the day they got in trouble. They live in the moment...the past and future are meaningless. They are only interested in 'now'.

Unfortunately, if you are nervous, tense, apprehensive, or scared...your dog now associates going out for a a time to be nervous, tense, apprehensive, or scared.

Now, if you have a naturally submissive dog, they will end up being over-sensitive, nervous and eventually very snappy. This is the worst kind of dog...because other dogs just don't want to be around them...and will often warn them and remove them.

If you own a more dominant dog...then being nervous, tense, apprehensive, or scared...creates an over-protective and potentially very dangerous animal.

Your dog is a mirror.

The ironic part of this equation, is that if you remove the human energy...the dog heads back towards a balanced mind. Add a calm handler, and the dog starts to rehabilitate back to it's natural state. If you does your dog!

Ever heard the's not the breed it's the owners? Well I'll go one's never the's always the handler!.

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