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Improving the bond with your dog.

In a pack of dogs or wolves...everyone has a job. You have a leader, sometimes two (an alpha pair). You will have a security dog (the most dominant dog) who is the lookout and enforcer. Then you will have a few hunters (usually made up of an experienced male, and a few young, fit and fast pack members. There is also an omega...the runt of the litter...who has lots of rubbish jobs!

The point is...nobody sits around all day doing nothing...and no one job is more important than another. All of these roles need to be fulfilled...or the pack will not work efficiently...or at all.

Does this work for domesticated dogs?
If your dog gets everything for for nothing...and has no leadership...then you really have only a partial bond.

Once you provide leadership, give your dog a job to do, gain their trust and they respect your will then feel a bond you never thought was possible...and your dog will love you for it.

Until are simply providing free shelter, food, affection and love...whenever your dog tells you to!

In nature you would be the 'follower'...not the leader. In the human dog sees you as a vending machine...they simply push your buttons...and get everything they demand!
You should think about the consequences of this...and stop!

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