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What is dog psychology?

Dog psychology can simply be described as 'how a dog works'. The behaviour, language, structure, instincts and patterns of a pack animal. This can be very simply observed by studying a dog or a group of dogs together. Watching them shows you the reasons why dogs behave in a particular way, why they respond to a certain stimulus in a particular way... and in terms of what we to change that behaviour...if it's a negative or unwanted one.

I'm frequently asked "how do you know all this stuff about dogs", and I simply reply...because I've been studying them all of my life. Sometimes that was just studying my own personal dogs, and on many other occasions, it was studying large groups of dogs.

What I do know, is that they have a particular language, structure and chain of command...and it's universal across all of the breeds.
Once you understand this, you can literally enter into their world, and of course influence them.

I've read many books about dogs, watched thousands of videos, and been to a few seminars over the years. The truth is, I've picked up lots of good tips, met some really talented dog experts, and shared and explored some fascinating subjects with people...but about 95% of everything I know about dogs...I learned from the dogs!

Most weeks I will spend 20 hours or more walking with packs of when I meet a person whose dog has been 'misbehaving' for years...and I fix it in a couple of minutes...the reason is simple...I've probably seen the problem many times before!

In my experience, well over 9 out of 10 cases of dogs with behaviour problems, are simple to rehabilitate...but if you don't know how to identify the issue, or why the behaviour is occurring...then it can look like a real puzzle...and sometimes a dangerous puzzle.

If you ask 20 dog experts their opinion on a particular'll get a few different answers...ask a pack of dogs...and they all say the same thing!

My point that dogs are very predictable, and have been doing just fine for thousands of years without us. If you want to influence them, bond with them, and be part of their world...or invite one into need one thing...knowledge of how their mind works...and as I said before, the best way to gain knowledge of by spending time with them.

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