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Separation Anxiety. Without question the most common issue with dogs. In nature, a dog, a wolf, or any other pack animal is simply never away from the pack...and this can cause them to get very anxious or panic.


Below are my top 5 behavioural issues, based on my experience over the years. They are the most common issues I still see today, and no doubt you've experienced at least one of them!

Top 5 behavioural problems.

Excitement. Dogs jumping on people, chewing you and your furniture, frantically running around and generally causing chaos, in and outside of the house. A common problem that can easily lead to destructive behaviour and aggressive situations.





The most misunderstood behavioural issue...and generally the easiest one to rehabilitate...if you know what you're actually looking at!





Any knowledgeable Dog Psychologist or trainer will always prefer the aggressive dog over than the nervous one. If a dog is very nervous, it can take much longer to rehabilitate them


The human condition.

Although not technically a dog problem...human behaviour causes more dog issues than any other source...and is easily the hardest part of the rehabilitation process!


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