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Nervous dogs.

Some dogs are born sensitive...but not nervous, this behaviour is a reaction to energy.

Any time I meet a nervous dog...I look to establish one
It is much easier to deal with an aggressive dog, because you can use a more dominant approach...but nervous dogs take a lot of patience, and you need to be very calm, and watch everything. Too much authority, can set you back weeks.

What I do know, is that they also make the most rewarding success stories...but you really earn it!

The most unfortunate side effect to very nervous dogs, is that they become targets for other dogs...who simple won't put up with such an 'unstable energy' anywhere near them. They will readily attack a nervous dog...which of course is not going to help the dog or owner become any calmer.

Find an expert...preferably with a good pack of dogs...and build your dogs self esteem. Take your time, and embrace even the slightest of improvements. It just takes knowledge and patience...but it's always worth it.      

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