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Whether you agree with the dangerous dogs act or not is's the law.


We've worked with most breeds and we consider none of them to be more aggressive than any other. What we don't recommend, is that inexperienced people, purchase powerful breeds...and if the breed is banned under any law...then NEVER own one...this is frankly idiotic.


If you purchase a banned breed of dog, you will eventually ruin that dogs life. It will either be destroyed, or as in many cases, you will have to keep it out of the public eye, and it will have a less than happy life, and be limited in terms of social skills, other dog friends, and many other things that a dog requires.


Don't be selfish and don't break the law.


Here is the Governments legislation on controlloing your dog and a list of the breeds you are NOT allowed to currently own.


Please be responsible, and if you have any questions, please ask us.



The UK Dangerous dogs act and banned breeds.

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