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What our clients say.

When I first met Gabriel my staffie princess had decided she would try to have a scrap with one of Gabriel's pack dogs. Gabriel assured me that it was easy to get rid of her dog aggression, but I wasn't convinced. After all she is a staffie and they are renowned for being bad with other dogs.

Gabriel came to my house and within minutes princess had submitted. Echo came in, ate her food, drank her water and made himself at home. Princess just watched him, not quite sure what was going on!

First day with the pack, she again she showed her aggression but within minutes Gabriel had her submitting and laying down next to the dog she had just been trying to attack.

Over the weeks Gabriel showed me how no breed has it programmed into them to be aggressive, it's all about the owner and how our energy impacts our dogs. I learnt so much from him and princess went from not wanting to be near dogs to actively playing games with the other dogs. To watch her play gives me such satisfaction and I know this is how all dogs should be.

Our little story does not end there though! I then realised how misunderstood staffies are (after all I was one of the people who thought they could be aggressive) and I decided to help out at a staffie rescue. I gradually grew to a welfare officer and used everything Gabriel taught me to ensure I was always pack leader and calm with the rescue dogs.

I started bringing some of our worst cases with me to pack walks and Gabriel helped them all with no hesitation. One of our main successes was a big boy called Rex. Everyone had written Rex off as a bad dog he was pretty much on his last chance. Gabriel was able to integrate him into the pack and allow him to run off lead with other dogs which he had never done before. After that he grew from strength to strength and now Rex has a lovely new home.

I continue to walk with Gabriel each week and every week I learn more. He knows now I might turn up with another staffie who needs help and he just gets on with it no questions asked.
I honestly can't thank Gabriel and Echo enough for what they have done for me, my princess and all the dogs we have's to even more!!!! X

Dear Gabriel,
I've just got back from a beautiful walk with Kai in the woods and it got me thinking how far we've actually come since bringing that "animal" home from the rescue centre to the beautiful dog sleeping at my feet as I write this. 

She even got into a three way tug of war over a stick and just enjoyed the game without getting all competitive and lashing out the way she used to.

You remember how Kai used to be, full on attacks on anything that upset her or she didn't like, the dominance, the pulling on the lead, the running off, biting my face within the first week; well you wouldn't think she was the same dog now and that's down to you my friend.

I just had to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart, not only for teaching Kai how to respond to situations with a calm confidence, but also for the patience and encouragement you showed in teaching me how to live with a dog like Kai, which was the hard part. 

So from me and the family and our beautiful girl Kai, THANK YOU!


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