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Sceptical? I was too. I have a 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Badger. He hadn't been walked off-lead for about 12 months.
Until I met Gabriel I thought that Badger was aggressive towards other dogs and quite territorial. That was all before Badger allowed a wolf called Echo to walk into my house and eat all his food without protest!

Since then my confidence has grown so much. I'm slowly learning about the way in which dogs view the world and, more importantly Badger now enjoys pack walks with his new friends. It has been a truly amazing experience.

Hi Gabriel...glad you are on FB, and more than glad to have had your inciteful and intuitive advice.

My neighbours who I have had the hassle with over Lucy and her separation anxiety, said to me 'you cant teach a old dog new tricks'

Well I'm here to say that after implementing your training for Lucy... my reply is Yes you can teach and old dog new tricks.. It took a while, but she is so much better...thanks from a grateful dog and its owner.

Pat Toohie & Lucy

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